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Receptor tyrosine kinase-driven breast cancer model

         Preclinical Concept Validation

Angiogenesis in vivo Model


Syngeneic tumour models
Pharmacokinetic studies
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  Histology (Frozen Sections and Paraffin Embedded Sections)



Syngeneic subcutaneous tumours in rats:

Cell Line

Prostate R-3327-AT1 (and other substrains), MAT-Lu
Glioma C6
Syngeneic tumours in mice:
Breast HC11 (NeuT), 4T1







Gentically modified syngeneic model

NeuT (erbB2)-driven syngeneic orthotopic tumour model for testing efficacy of anti-cancer compounds especially designed to inhibit erbB-2 or EGFR.  Tumours of this model are characterised by a morphology and response rate to therapy as similar to the situation in patients. Therefore this model is believed to present a higher clinical predictability.

In brief: drug-selected NeuT infected mammary epithelial cell populations are introduced into mammary fat pads of BALB/c syngeneic mice cleared of host tissue. Breast tumours develop within  a 3 to 4 week latency period and grow rapidly. The histology of the breast tumours is comparable to those observed in MMTV-NeuT transgenic mice. Most importantly, this tumour model is to our knowledge the first oncogene-driven model with a heterogeneous therapy response within a treatment group. This could be well demonstrated after treatment with Taxol(20 % complete responders) and Tamoxifen (15 % complete responders). These response rates are similar to those seen clinically. Furthermore, treatment with a small molecule KDR inhibitor resulted in a realistic clinically relevant number of 55% complete responders. Additionally the model is very suitable to test compound combination therapy (R Brandt et al. "Mammary glands reconstituted with Neu/ErbB2 transformed HC11 cells provide a novel orthotopic tumor model for testing anti-cancer agents, Oncogene 20, 5459-5465, 2001)

Intraepithelial neoplasia with cysts



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