[Company Logo Image] Compound validation and profiling in vitro and in vivo
Improved clinical predictability of preclinical studies
Subcutaneous and orthotopic human xenografts
Genetically modified organ specific tumour models
Receptor tyrosine kinase-driven breast cancer model

         Preclinical Concept Validation

Angiogenesis in vivo Model


Syngeneic tumour models
Pharmacokinetic studies
  Toxicology (GLP)
  Histology (Frozen Sections and Paraffin Embedded Sections)


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This is a brief description of the service ...

in vitro Profiling of Anti-Cancer Compounds. vivoPharmTM performs:

  • in vitro proliferation assays, using cumulative and pulse measurement techniques. vivoPharm runs proliferation assays on most of the cell lines listed for subcutaneous tumour models.
  • Clonogenic assays using various cell lines using MCF10A or MCF-7 cells (other cell lines are in preparation, pleas ask for update or explain your needs)
  • Expression studies of your target of interest before and after treatment in cell lines and tumour material.
  • Mechanistically analysis of growth inhibition.

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